Repp Eo™

Repp Eo provides situational awareness for healthcare providers. Eo is a secure, HIPAA compliant cloud-hosted SaaS platform designed to collect, organize, analyze and deliver critical IoT data to hospital caregivers and staff.

Repp Eo enables healthcare providers to make existing facilities and infrastructure smart, leveraging IoT, data analysis and machine learning.

Repp Eo provides a unified interface for our flagship products: Repp Vision and Repp Locate.

Repp Vision™

Repp Vision radar provides room level situational awareness without the use of cameras or worn sensors. This unique system provides insight into room occupancy, bed dwell time, patient falls, visits and more. Repp Vision provides real-time alerting for events requiring immediate attention, as well as historical reporting for long-term strategic analysis. Repp Vision is a valuable enhancement for both command centers and floor staff and it may also improve documentation and data within the EHR.

Room Safety and Monitoring

Safety with Privacy:

Detects patient falls without the use of a camera. Sends automated alerts to the right members of the care team.

Patient Movement Trends:

Observes patient movement. Monitors trends for both bed dwell time and in-room activity.

Fall and Clot Risk Evaluation:

Enables caregivers to proactively prevent adverse events before they occur.

Room Presence Detection:

Monitors visits and rounding compliance. Reduces patient wait time and maximizes room utilization.

Cost Effective:

Wireless, simple to install and maintain.

Repp Locate™

Repp Locate provides real-time tracking of assets, patients and staff. Our system is up to 10x more accurate than existing solutions at a fraction of the cost. Repp Locate scales to track tens of thousands of items with an accuracy of up to 10 centimeters. A cloud native application, it requires a limited onsite footprint. With easy-to-use online maps and reporting features, Repp Locate provides value for both executives and floor staff.

Next Generation Location Intelligence


Provides precise, real-time X, Y coordinates; with 10x more accuracy than legacy RTLS solutions.


Produces intuitive web-based maps, charts, and reports.

Cost Effective:

Deploys at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions.

Simplified Management:

Processes and stores data in secure, cloud-based locations. Automatically updates features without costly installations or downtime.

Ultra-Wideband Based:

Leverages UWB to provide unmatched accuracy and scale without using WiFi or BLE. Even Apple is switching to UWB.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Repp Health utilizes AWS to provide situational awareness for healthcare providers

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