Repp Eo™ is the future of the synchronized provider

Why we're different

Repp Eo™ provides precise, real-time X, Y coordinates; location services that actually work with 10x more accuracy than legacy RTLS solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Eo produces intuitive web-based maps, charts, and reports simple enough to enable the most casual user to understand critical location and utilization data.

We are the future of tracking for the synchronized provider

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Impact of Time™

Time is Critical in Healthcare.

For patients, physicians, and staff. If we can reduce wait times across the process of care, we improve patient outcomes, increase satisfaction, and boost efficiency. Time matters in healthcare.

What we do.




Repp Health helps hospitals enhance patient experience and reduce operating costs by tracking and analyzing time. We measure movement of patients, equipment, and staff throughout the facility to derive utilization and time metrics.

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