With Repp Eo™ providers can:

  • Know exactly where your patients, staff and assets are at any given moment with easy-to-use online maps
  • Get alerts in real time
  • Analyze flow and dwell time heatmaps
  • Play historical movements and interactions
  • Leverage evidence-based design


  • Measure, monitor & predict events critical to patient flow
  • Increase patient satisfaction by decreasing wait times
  • Gain patient flow efficiencies
  • Optimize patient flow through the facility
  • Know what's going on in your facility real time
  • Decrease Length of Stay
  • Increase capacity & generate higher revenues


  • Clear view of workflow-process redesign
  • KPIs for time spent with patients and treatment times
  • Reduce clinical variation
  • Maximize staff efficiency and give staff time back


  • Improve asset utilization rates
  • Quickly locate your assets, know where they are in real time
  • Know par levels cold/stat
  • Right-Size inventory & purchase less
  • Increase time assets spend as usable


  • Solutions requiring precise location data
  • Integrations